Bansko is one of the most emblematic places in the history of Bulgaria that is near Pirin and Rila.
It’s a place with rich history and nature that is breath taking. Bansko is a place for peaceful relaxation that is visited
from a lot of Bulgarians and tourists. Every place no matter how big in this town can make you feel like a part
of the Bulgarian culture.
Bansko is one of the most visited places during the winter. The great mountains which are around the town with their snowy peaks are making the picture look more like a fairy tail which a lot of tourists and Bulgarians enjoy every year. The clean mountain air will make you leave the busy big city life and make you feel like one with the nature. Winter season is a great time to be in that little town that Bulgaria has. It's a time where you can fully enjoy yourself in Bansko with everything the town offers. The ski slopes are one of the biggest adrenaline you can have during winter in Bansko.
Summer in Bansko is as good as the winter in there. During this season the town has even more beautiful views and you can enjoy its greatness. When there is less fogginess and snow, the beauty of the nature reviews itself even greater. The town is full of life and every morning you can enjoy the beautiful songs of the birds that are near Le Chalet villa. Summer in Bansko is a great time where you can learn all of the history of our ancestors. Learning something more of our culture and having a cool summer in the town.